12 April 2013


Found these in wikipedia: Very good illustrations on the schismatical history and so decided to share this here. The pictures below are not mine; all credits to the original owner(s). Thank You Collaboration!

This one depicts the birth of the different (major) christian denominations (global). Notice the Oriental Orthodox split from the mainstream after the Council of Chaledon. SyrChr orthodoxies belong in this main group.

Next one is on a Middle-Eastern (Regional) view. As I said in the last post, its a bit more complicated when it come to ethno-politics of this place :) The following are some parallels with the SyrChr churches:
  • Syro-Malabar Catholic Church || Chaldean Catholic Church
  • Indian Orthodox Chruch || Syriac Orthodox Chruch
  • Syro-Malankara Chruch || Syriac Catholic & Maronite Churches (!) 
And finally below is the chaos within the locals: the schisms within the SyrChrs. Small mistake between 52AD to 1665 though : Its only from the 3rd or 4th century that the East Syrian (nestorian) influence can be confirmed.
Picture says a thousand words; am sure this post saves many posts for Sharbtho.

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