8 April 2007

Yeastier Easter

Today in the break between yeasty breads and drinks, I decided it's time to launch this blog. Easter Sunday is wonderful for the palette and therefore for the mind :)

Many of the disillusioned-us do not know what it means to be Suriyani Kristhiyani (Syrian Christian): confused by what one sees and hears, distrustful ofwhat we were taught and with no knowledgeable to ask to. When asked, instead of the truth one gets only twisted history, pomposity, rhetoric and misdirection. There is very little unbiased written source … that is if there is any. The long and complicated Qurbana (mass) and that too some in an alien language offer no spirituality for the ignorant masses except misery on a free Sunday. For want of peace, many have actually turned extreme. One can see many transforming into rationalists, atheists or born-again(s), which in my view is nothing but an escape. Only knowledge and confrontation of the Truth delivers; it liberates and brings us back in unity and possibly towards the Divine too.

This blog is an attempt on articles on the SyrChr(s) traditions, views and history from confirmed neutrals! So what is presented is what we know, minus the bias ... as much as we can. When each of us started out with our individual researches into Malayali Syrian Christianity we realized that centuries of schisms, rivalry and internal politics have left the common man in utter ignorance and disregard. Much of the written history is lost, damaged or purposefully destroyed; the traditions fast disappearing to 'reformed' new-age minds and heritage unheard by the new; many of the surviving relics of the past are either unkempt or masked by new concrete. In short, most part of the truth is still elusive and yet to be discovered.

And interestingly, while in the endeavour to find answers we agnostics found beauty and pride in what was previously detestable to us. The SyrChr antiquity and uniqueness is worth continuing with our treasure hunt.



GTG said...

i SHARE THE SAME HOBBY AS YOU HAVE. jUST GOT THE DOCUMENT.What is the relation betwen Manimekalai and syrian christians? Heard of tomb of St Mary in Himalayas? History is mystery.

FlipFlop said...

Good, welcome to the club!
Dunno about the Himalayan connection except from the explosive facts in 'Jesus lived in India'.
Not only Manimekalai but also some other ancient works (supposedly) mentions Nasranis...But this has to be confirmed by experts.

gphilip said...

I have heard it mentioned that Christians were mentioned by Aadi Shankaran -- Shankaracharyar of Kaladi -- in one of his works, "Soundaryalahari" IIRC.

Anonymous said...

hey!your work is really interesting.do you have any idea about the connection between buddhism and christianity as suggested by the book "jesus lived in india"?

FlipFlop said...

Manichaesm was a gnostic religion of this sort...similarities with Buddhism and Christianity. And there were possible manichaens in Malabar.

Save Syriac said...

Dear Sujith,
The Term "Knanaya Catholic Church" Is incorrect," Knanaya " Is Not a Church Body, it is Just a Community,and the knanites Belongs to Holy Syro Malabar Church and Holy Malankra Syrian Orthox Church(Jacobites).